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Be Thankful for Your Teeth! A Top 5 Oral Practices Guide for the Holidays

November 22, 2023

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A family enjoying Thanksgiving with good oral health

As the season of gratitude has come once again. It’s time to turn your attention to one often overlooked but crucial aspect of your health – your oral health. They play an important part during Thanksgiving! They help you savor your favorite holiday dishes, engage in conversations with loved ones, and contribute to the festivities.

This Thanksgiving, express your appreciation for your pearly whites by embracing mindful oral care practices. Continue reading to learn how.

Savor Your Food

As you begin feasting, be sure to allow your teeth and saliva to do their job. Both are designed to break down food! The more you chew, the easier it will be for your digestion and your teeth. Take smaller bites, and chew thoroughly. Counting to 32 is recommended to ensure that everything you eat has a good consistency as it goes down.

Stick to Your Mealtimes

Eating slowly is one good strategy to cut down on the amount of food you eat. Another is to avoid snacking throughout the day. Try to only eat at designated mealtimes. This will help your teeth recover from feast to feast.

After every meal, your teeth are weakened slightly by chewing, especially if you’re eating crunchy, or acidic foods. This can be mitigated by being aware of when you eat and what you eat.

Hydrate Throughout the Day

It may be tempting to dive straight into the wine, sugary sodas, or sweet tea while you’re eating. However, you should keep water handy at all times. A tall glass of hydration can help you wash away plaque on your teeth and keep your pearly whites in top shape. It also keeps your saliva production up, aiding in digestion and fighting cavities.

Be Gentle with Your Grin

Try to take it easy on sugary, sticky, or hard foods. Your teeth are going to be working overtime this week, so be mindful of what you put in your mouth. Sugar and starch feed into bacterial plaque which wears away your enamel with acid. If you add crunchy nuts like pecans or raw vegetables to the mix, your teeth may start feeling weak.

After the festivities are over, it may be a great idea to see your dentist. They can give you a checkup and ensure that your indulgence didn’t cost you a cavity. Be thankful for your teeth this holiday season. They put in a lot of work for you so you can eat well and stay smiling.

About the Author

Dr. Mark Stapleton is a bright and enthusiastic dentist with a passion for people. He received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry and then immediately completed an Advanced Education in General Dentistry residency at the University of Florida College of Dentistry to hone his skills to better serve his patients. To schedule an appointment at White Oak Dental, call (952) 448-2868 or visit the website to learn more. Happy Thanksgiving!

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