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Our Advanced Technology

Modern tools and techniques can improve the dental care process in valuable ways, providing greater accuracy, improved comfort, and truly exceptional results for patients in need. At White Oak Dental, Dr. Mark Stapleton has invested in several important technologies, and he looks forward to including more in the future. Contact our Chaska, MN practice today if you’d like to schedule your first appointment. Our team is happy to welcome new patients and whole families from Carver, MN and other surrounding areas.

Digital X-Rays

x-ray on computer

X-rays are a truly vital part of the diagnostic process, allowing Dr. Stapleton and the rest of our team to identify any troubling concerns that may be hidden out of sight underneath the surface of teeth and gums. However, the traditional film method of capturing these images came with several pitfalls, including long darkroom development times and bulky physical storage. We’ve invested in state-of-the-art digital technology to improve speed, accuracy, and safety for the sake of our valued patients.

Once digital X-rays are captured, there’s no tedious development to worry about – instead, the images are instantly transferred to our computer system and can be viewed on a convenient chairside monitor within seconds. Our team members are even able to magnify or color-code the X rays so that patients can better understand what they’re looking at. Any transference to additional doctors or insurance companies is handled in a convenient, digital fashion, as well as storage. Best of all, the amount of radiation patients are exposed to during the process is significantly reduced by up to 90%.

Intraoral Camera

dentist using intraoral camera

Intraoral cameras can make all the difference in helping patients become informed partners in their oral healthcare journey instead of simply being along for the ride. Our Carestream technology captures superb images once comfortably inserted into the mouth, transmitting them to a nearby screen so that Dr. Stapleton can point out areas of damage and explain potential treatments in detail with a clear visual aid. Our goal is to help people of all ages feel confident about the choices they’re making for their valuable smile.


Diagnodent machine

DIAGNOdent is a precise laser scanning system that can help our Chaska dental team identify areas of tooth decay at the earliest stages possible – in some cases, even before they’re visible on the surface of teeth! The process is very simple, comfortable for the patient, and only minutes long. After the mouth has been reviewed in full, a digital read-out is created that measures the fluorescence within each tooth and points towards the location of developing cavities so that Dr. Stapleton can treat them effectively right away. 

TRIOS 3Shape Digital Impressions

Dental x-ray

If you’ve ever received a dental crown, custom oral appliance, or other advanced dentistry treatment, you’ve experienced a bite impression. If you were lucky, your dentist had an innovative digital impression system, but it’s much more likely that you had a traditional impression that involved biting down into putty. While these impressions captured the necessary information, they could be uncomfortable for patients and increase treatment time and risk for human error. That’s why our team invested in the TRIOS 3Shape digital impression system. This state-of-the-art tool allows us to quickly and comfortably capture even the smallest pits and grooves in the surfaces of teeth. Plus, the digital files can be instantly transferred to our dental lab, so they can start crafting your restoration or oral appliance right away.