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5 Useful Tips for Seeming Friendlier & More Approachable

June 4, 2023

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a woman smiling while shaking a man’s hand

You’re going to meet so many people throughout your lifetime—and whether it’s for a job interview, a first date, or something else entirely, you should want the impression you leave to be both lasting and positive. This is where your smile comes in handy; a healthy, attractive grin can work wonders for the first impressions you make. But your pearly whites aren’t the only assets you have access to when it comes to appearing more approachable. Here are five useful tips your dentist wants you to keep in mind that can help you make the most of every social situation.

Tip #1. Make & Maintain Eye Contact

Eye contact between two people is a sign of mutual respect, and you’ve probably been told your whole life that you should look a person right in the eyes when they’re addressing you. This might seem intimidating at first, but it certainly gets easier with practice. When you greet someone, don’t hesitate to maintain an extra second or two of eye contact—it can make friendly situations even friendlier, and hostile or awkward situations less daunting!

Tip #2. Be Mindful of Your Facial Expression

It never hurts to flash a friendly smile toward a stranger or someone you’ve just met, as it often channels feelings of warmth or openness, but you should be careful—sometimes an ill-timed smile can come off as insincere, sardonic, or even as a cover-up for nervousness. Make an effort to smile when you’ve just listened to someone tell a joke or story, or if you’re saying hello or goodbye. Otherwise, it’s often useful to keep a neutral facial expression; just don’t walk around frowning or scowling!

Tip #3. Use Open Body Language

It’s important to maintain good body posture for the sake of your back and neck, but it also pays dividends in social situations. You might seem a little arrogant or stuck-up if you constantly have your arms crossed, or your head tilted back. But if your head is always hanging down, you might come off as upset, nervous, or insecure. Stand tall, keep your gaze horizontal, and angle yourself toward the people you’re interacting with.

Tip #4. Avoid Covering Up

You should try to avoid wearing hoodies, sunglasses, big scarves, or other accessories that cover up portions of your face. People tend to get a little uncomfortable if they can’t see someone’s eyes or the face they’re making, and if you’re constantly covering yourself up, it can signal that you’re uneasy yourself.

Tip #5. Show Authentic Interest in People’s Lives

It can go a long way to show interest in other people’s hobbies, weekend plans, or other types of life events. Don’t hesitate to make a positive comment or remark every once in a while, and when you show interest, be sure you’re sincere with your inquiries. If you can make a concentrated effort to listen and bring up things someone has previously mentioned before, they’ll naturally gravitate toward you!

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