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5 Dental Hygiene Products Kids Will Love

February 22, 2022

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child enjoying brushing their teeth in Chaska

In addition to Valentine’s Day, February is also Children’s Dental Health Month. As you do your best to encourage your little one to clean their teeth daily, you probably want to know if there’s anything else that’ll make their dental hygiene routine more enjoyable. Luckily, there are several products that are both exciting and beneficial for your child’s teeth! Read on to learn five dental hygiene products your children’s dentist in Chaska recommends.  

Product #1: GumChucks Floss

Children love playing with toys, especially from their favorite cartoons, and nothing makes cleaning their teeth more exciting than to feel like they’re having fun with a beloved character. Enter GumChucks Kids, a fun flossing tool that comes in the shape of miniature nunchucks! These items sometimes come with trading cards that depict characters who challenge your little one to master the skill of flossing.

Product #2: Waterpik Water Flosser for Kids

Also known as oral irrigation, Waterpik Water Flosser for Kids is a model designed to help children undergoing orthodontic treatment. This device uses water pressure to clean between teeth like flosses. It also comes with decorative stickers for your children to personalize it with!

Product #3: BrushyBall Coach

Creating a game out of cleaning your child’s teeth can also encourage better habits. One friendly product is the BrushyBall: a yellow animated brushing coach with an adorable voice. It guides your child through a follow-the-leader type game that promotes correct brushing technique.

Product #4: Sonicare for Kids

Electric toothbrushes are effective at cleaning your teeth and removing plaque buildup. Some of the coolest products are the Sonicare brushes that can connect to your smartphone and show where you missed as you brush. They also have the Sonicare for Kids version for your little one.

Product #5: Xylitol Candy

To promote good dental health with goodies, you can go for Zellie’s delicious “cherry berry” mints and gums. These tasty treats contain xylitol which benefits your child’s diet and overall health without coating their teeth with sugars like other candy.

These are just a few dental hygiene products that can help your children’s dental cleaning techniques and promote a more enjoyable experience in the long run. You can also consult with your children’s dentist, and they can help you understand how to best maintain your little one’s smile!

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White Oak Dental offers outstanding and family-friendly dental services for Chaska, MN and the surrounding communities. Using advanced technology with a passion for helping maintain a healthy smile, their children’s dentist—Dr. Mark Stapleton—would be happy to give your little one a dental checkup, cleaning, and to discuss the best hygiene products available to them. If you want to know more about these kid-friendly products, visit their website or call (952) 448-2868.

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